Custom Lanyards
Do you need to promote your company?
Let our artist create a lanyard
from your logo or your ideas!
  • Production time is 3-4 weeks from the day you approve
    your artwork and confirm the order.
  • Minimum order of 100.
  • A hand sketch on a napkin, coloring contest entry
    or your business card logo, we’ve worked from it all!
  • 1 hour of artwork time is free with each order.
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Not sure about the finished style for
your lanyard?
Image of a lanyard
Break Away
Detachable Clip
  • Detachable safety clip, break away and attachment can be added to customize to your needs!
  • Different applications include:
  • Silk Screening – Perfect for a design with a few colors.
    Heat Transfer – The best option with multi-color designs.
    Woven – Perfect option for designs that have high detail needs or are used in situations where the ink may be worn off by abrasion.
    Dye Sublimination – The best option for intricate logos and designs with multiple colors.
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Common Lanyard Attachments
J - Hook
Thumb Hook
Lobster Clow
Split Ring
Device Holder
  • The size and style can vary depending on the purpose.
  • The attachment can be metal or plastic.
  • Have a different attachment in mind? Please contact us.
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Important Note. Please Read :)
Custom Orders
Custom orders are made according to your specifications. We cannot accept returns on custom products. Take the time to review the proof provided by our artist thoroughly. Once you have approved your order and the signed proof has been received by us indicating that your proof is correct, the order will be non-refundable / non-returnable.

Trademarks and Copyrights
Purchasing copyrighted custom designs for the purpose of profiting from the identity of those designs requires a license. The unauthorized use of registered trademarks and copyrighted logos or designs is illegal. When requesting manufactured products with the use of these logos, we assume that you have obtained permission. We do, however, reserve the right to ask for written confirmation of this permission. Zone West Enterprises Ltd. accepts no responsibility or liability for any unauthorized use of licensed or copyrighted material of any kind. Zone West Enterprises Ltd. reserves the right to refuse to manufacture material which may be deemed to be offensive or which may allegedly be in violation of any legal statute.
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